The Human Faces of God: What Scripture Reveals When It Gets God Wrong (and Why Inerrancy Tries To Hide It). Foreword by John J. Collins. Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2010. 268 pages.

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The Human Faces of God is one of the most challenging and well-argued cases against the doctrine of biblical inerrancy I have ever read. . . . All who hold the Bible in high regard will benefit from Stark’s brutally honest, insightful, and well-researched investigations into the text.” — Greg Boyd, author of The Myth of a Cristian Nation [read full blurb]

“Here is a book that answered a lot of questions that I had about what really transpires historically as it pertains to the revelation of God in Scripture. I learned so much from this book that I can strongly encourage anyone who is seeking to move from simplistic proof-texting to a comprehensive understanding of the Bible to read this book carefully.” — Tony Campolo, Eastern University

“If the truth should trump all, then this book should persuade those it argues against. It is informed, heart-felt, and utterly reasonable. Christians can ignore the facts that Stark brings into the light of day only if they want to be wrong.” — Dale C. Allison, Jr., Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

“This is a courageous book, that challenges us to take the modern criticism of the Bible to its logical conclusion. It deserves a wide readership.” — John J. Collins, Yale Divinity

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